Board of Adjustment Meeting April 23

The Board of Adjustments will meet at 7:00 pm on Monday, April 23, in  the  Commissioners’ Room.  Following are the items scheduled for discussion and vote:


  • A REQUEST FOR VARIANCES  to install a new portion of retaining wall at the property line located at  102 New Castle Street. The Variances are being requested by Richard and Katherine Minutella, owners of the property.
  • An APPEAL OF THE DECISION OF THE BUILDING INSPECTOR in regard to  the structure at 112 Henlopen and 87 Columbia Avenue Avenue conforms to the applicable dimensional requirements of the zoning district OR in the alternative a REQUEST FOR VARIANCE in regard to Section 270-26 to allow a 5’x 5’ section of a new porch to encroach into the 16 foot aggregate requirement by 4.8 feet. The appeal  is being requested on behalf of property owners Joseph and Diane Andrews.