Mayor & Commissioners' Meeting June 20, 2014

Mayor and Commissioners' Meeting

June 20, 2014


The Mayor and Commissioners met at a Regular Meeting at 7:30pm on Friday, June 20.

 All commissioners were present.

 Among ...


Mayor & Commissioners Special Meeting June 9, 2014

Mayor and Commissioners Special Meeting

Regarding the Reassessment Process

June 9, 2014


The Mayor and all Commissioners were present except Commissioner Hunker.


The Mayor opened with a review of the reasons to conduct a reassessment, the City's first citywide assessment since 1968.


Commissioner Gossett reviewed the process of selecting a professional assessment firm. An RFP was issued by the City, and two firms bid on the work. Commissioner Gossett also reviewed ...


Mayor & Commissioners' Meeting May 16, 2014

Mayor and Commissioners Meeting

May 16, 2014


The Mayor and all Commissioners were present.

 Among other issues discussed and actions taken:

 Reassessment Update

Mayor Cooper reminded the commissioners and the public that the reassessment is being conducted to create a more fair and equitable assessment for the city. He noted that no city-wide assessment has been conducted since 1968.

 The Mayor reported that informal hearings ...