PatrickGossett Statement/RBHOA Forum

Patrick Gossett Statement to Rehoboth Beach Homeowners Association/CAMP Rehoboth Forum scheduled for July 27, 2012


Having served the City since 1998 as a Planning Commissioner for 11 years and City Commissioner for 3 and a half, I want to continue as your Commissioner to help Rehoboth Beach plan for our future and address the issues that result from our growth as a year-round destination.

Traffic and transportation issues must be addressed. We need to create more options to get around the city, including ways to decrease the number of cars downtown and to help those who do not, or choose not to, drive. Pedestrians and cyclists need to be able to travel our streets safely, and I support the ongoing work to draft a safe pedestrian and bicycle plan.

The most recent improvement to the experience of visiting downtown Rehoboth Beach is the introduction of the new Parkmobile pay-by-phone system. I am proud to have been a strong supporter of Parkmobile and to have worked closely with the City staff and Chamber of Commerce to insure that all citizens and visitors understand the system.

The City must continue to work to improve our natural environment. We have had great success with the buffer around Lake Gerar, but Silver Lake needs a great deal of attention if it is to remain a healthy resource. This is why I wrote the resolution charging the Planning Commission to work with environmental experts, homeowners, neighbors, DNREC and Sussex County to draft new measures to protect this valuable and unique resource.

It has come to my attention that work must be done to ensure that our tree ordinance is implemented in a way that preserves the beauty of our city. I have begun work with other city officials to compile regarding the implementation of the ordinance, and have proposed a public meeting to hear from citizens about what is working well and what is not. The city and its citizens must have the right tools to protect our natural environment.

National organizations have recognized Rehoboth Beach for our outstanding boardwalk, our clean beach and ocean, and as a desirable place to live, work and play. This did not happen by accident and we cannot take it for granted that we will always be worthy of these accolades. We need to plan and manage our growth for the future. With your vote on August 11th, I will continue my commitment to use my experience and knowledge to further that vision as your Commissioner.


Patrick Gossett