Newsletter: February 17 Commissioners' Meeting

The Mayor and Commissioners met on February 17. Following are the items discussed:


  • Commissioner Mark Hunker spoke to Commissioners and concerned citizens about actions taken against him by Commissioner Mills, who asked the Public Integrity Commission to rule on the appropriateness of his voting on the noise and patio issues. Although the opinion suggested Hunker recuse himself from voting on extending the hours of patio restaurants, Hunker did not receive the opinion until after the vote had been taken. In the end, the extension of the hours was passed unanimously and the issue of Hunker’s recussal became moot. Hunker declared, “I have nothing to hide” and provided thirty copies of the opinion for members of the public. Commissioner Hunker pledged to refocus himself on the 5 commitments made during his winning campaign for Commissioner  in 2011.   He will reach out to community groups, businesses, residents (both full  nd part-time) to let them know what the Commission is working on, to isten to them, and  bring their message back to the Commission.             Commissioner Hunker specifically pledged to:

1.      To implement many parts of the CDP 

2.      Outreach to the residents, businesses, and community leaders 

3.      Long-term Planning-Lake clean up, outfall project, Tree Canopy and Bike safety

4.      Work with other beach communities and county officials

5.      Build consensus on the Commission 

For more information, please visit:            blog/current-issues/noise-and-patio-ordinances-current-issues/148- commissioner-hunker-expresses-concern-over-commissioner-mills-



  • Appointment of Lynn Wilson to Planning Commission.  Mayor Cooper appointed, with unanimous consent from all Commissioners, Lynn Wilson to fill the vacancy caused by appointment of Patrick Gossett as City Commissioner.

            Lynn and her husband Bob have owned property in Rehoboth Beach   since 1974, and became full time residents of the city in November 2010         when Bob retired from the University of Delaware.  They are following a      family tradition begun by Lynn's grandparents and parents who all retired        in the Rehoboth area.

            Lynn became a member of the Delaware Bar in 1981.  She retired from          the Delaware Department of Justice after 15 years as deputy attorney             general, at various times serving in all three counties.  She is a docent at           the Rehoboth Beach Historical Museum and a board member of Common             Cause Delaware.

  • Presentation by and discussion with Girl Scout Troop 287 concerning energy efficient changes they would like to propose for Grove Park.  Proposal including providing recycle bins in the Park, and a recommendation to use solar panels on  existing buildings.  City Manager  Greg Ferrese will work with the Troop on proposals.  Recycle bins have now been added.  The restrooms are scheduled for renovation in 2013. Solar energy will certainly be considered but cost may be a factor.


Other news in the Rehoboth area:

The USS Missouri Big Gun arrives in Lewes in April:

Always popular Chocolate Festival scheduled for Saturday March 3:

Held at Rehoboth Beach Convention Center.  It's a chocolate lover's delight.  From 11:30 am - 3:30 pm there will be family fun, great vendors, baking contest and tastes of sinful desserts baked by some of the finest restaurants, chefs and chocoholics in Rehoboth and Lewes.  You won't want to miss it!  Start thinking about a recipe to submit.  There are great prizes for professionals and amateurs!!!  You make the chocolate, everybody has fun!  Come taste the goodies!  Sorry, no carry-out permitted...but come sample all you want!  $2 entry fee includes one taste - children under 5 free, additional tastings are $.50 each. Call 302.227.2772 for more information.

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Joanne Hess


Recording Secretary