Newsletter:January 20 Commissioners meeting


The Mayor and Commissioners met on January 20, 2012, and took the following actions:

  • Unanimously voted to accept the Mayor’s recommendation that Patrick Gossett be appointed to fill the remaining term of Commissioner Kathy McGuiness (until September 2012.) Patrick Gossett was immediately sworn in by Alderman Judy Catterton and warmly welcomed by the Commissioners.
  • Held Public Hearing and consideration of a proposed ordinance that would amend the City Code by deleting Section 270-19(A)(1)(f) which limits the hours a restaurant patio may be used.  City Solicitor Mandalas reported that by removing the section, patios could remain open to serve food and alcohol for the same hours as the associated restaurants.  During the 2011 season the moratorium on this section worked very well.  The Enforcement Officer, Bobby Edmonds, was very effective in working with commercial owners on a series of laws not previously enforced, and has been hired on a full-time basis by the city.

      The existing noise ordinance will not be affected by this action and is   under review by the Mayor and Commissioners for possible changes. 

      In the discussion which followed, Mayor Cooper commented on the      excellent  cooperation shown by the businesses during the 2011 season.         Carol   Everhart, director of the Rehoboth Beach -Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce, and Susan Wood, owner of  the Cultured Pearl, and      Bill       Frankes, of the         Greene Turtle Restaurant, expressed support for             the proposed ordinance, and thanked  the city for a “great year.”

      The proposed ordinance passed unanimously. (Commissioner Mills    recused himself from discussion and vote).

      For Cape Gazette article about noise and patio ordinances, please read:         patios-to-keep-same-hours-as-restaurants.html


  • Received presentation from  Rip Copithorn and Lee Mayers of Stearns and Wheler/GHD on the Force Main Alignment Study for the routing of the force main from the City’s wastewater treatment plant to the proposed location of a new ocean outfall.  The force main is the pipe that would take  treated wastewater from the city’s  wastewater treat­ment plant to the outfall 6,000 feet into the ocean.

Mayor Cooper said the recommended route would take the pipe down State Road under Rehoboth Avenue to Henlopen Avenue and from there leading out into the ocean at Deauville Beach. This route will cause less disturbance and cost less than other alternatives. Most of the construction would be by directional drilling, which will cause little disruption on the surface, but along Henlopen Avenue, the “cut and cover” method will need to be used. 

The process of digging along Henlopen Avenue would take approximately two months and occur during winter months. All trenches opened each day on Henlopen Avenue would be covered at night.

The alternative route of Columbia Avenue was considered, but  it is state-owned and a thick concrete road, more difficult to “open”. There may be antiquities under Columbia Avenue which would require special consideration.

The proposal to use the recommended route including Henlopen Avenue was unanimously approved.

  • Unanimously approved grant of $5180 to Rehoboth Historical Society from 2011 budget for various administrative expenses
  • Considered approval of two year contract with Parkmobile USA, Inc. to provide the City with a system for the payment of parking by smartphone application or phone call, as well as the ability to continue using coins. The Mayor spoke directly with officials and users in Washington, DC who confirmed that this system has worked very well. It would be fully operational throughout the city for the 2012 season. Approval unanimously passed.
  • Adopted a resolution authorizing the City Manager to act on behalf of the City in regard to the City’s application for financial assistance from the State for the Schoolvue Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project.
  • Approved award of contract for the renovations to the Delaware Avenue Comfort Station Project. Renovations will be completed prior to the 2012 season.


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Joanne Hess,

Recording Secretary