Dewey Beach News from Mayor Hanson


I am excited to announce that the Commissioners have appointed long-time Dewey Beach property owner, Jim Dedes, as Acting Town Manager, effective March 1.  Jim has extensive experience in both administrative and management areas in government and with his knowledge of Dewey Beach and the issues we're facing, he'll be an excellent addition to the leadership team at town hall.

Jim has been an active member of our community, serving on our Planning Commission, and as chair of both the town's Ad Hoc Town Manager Search Committee and Ad Hoc Committee on Noise. He has served on the town's Quality of Life Committee.  His appointments on the various committees and Planning Commission will be temporarily suspended while he serves as the Acting Town Manager.

Yes, this is our third acting town manager, as the Town Charter stipulates that no one can serve as Acting Town manager for more than three months.  Chief of Police, Sam Mackert, and Chief Financial Officer, Bill Brown, both served in this capacity for three months each and have done a wonderful job of managing town hall in the absence of an official Town Manager.  We thank them both for their many extra efforts in this capacity. Town Council continues to search for a permanent replacement and hopes to fill the position by May 1 at the latest


The Dewey Beach Budget & Finance Committee and Town Council are to finalize the FY13 Town Budget in the next 7 days. The budget committee is meeting on Saturday March 3rd at 10:00 am at the Life Saving Station to make final changes to the Town's working draft for recommendation to the Town Commissioners. The current version of the draft budget is posted on the town’s website  ( under the March 3rd B&F meeting event.

At the March 10 Town Meeting the Council will discuss and vote on a final FY13 budget for the fiscal year starting April 1, 2012. As part of the budget adoption process Council will also discuss and vote on a range of revenue-related items, including fees for seasonal parking permits and dog licenses, a fee for participation in the Junior Lifeguard program to cover administrative costs, change in hours of enforcement for permit and meter parking, and parking ticket fines and penalties.

The budget recommendation from B&F will be posted online by Monday, March 5, under the Town Council's March 10th meeting event along with a set of proposed fiscal principles.  These principles have been developed under the leadership of Commissioner Joy Howell and Budget and Finance Committee Chair, David King. They have done an excellent job of developing a pathway for financial sustainability.  The document is attached. Please take time to review it and the budget and provide feedback before next week’s vote on the budget and the principles. Public input is, as always, welcome either in person at the meetings or by email, fax or letter to Town Hall (see the meeting notice and agenda online for details) 


Our commemorative event for the Storm of ’62 is next Friday night at 7:30 at the Lifesaving Station.  Please RSVP to me if you’d like to attend. 

Diane Hanson


Town of Dewey Beach

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