Dewey Remembers the Big Storm of March 1962

From Citizens to Preserve Dewey Beach

To our Friends & Neighbors in Dewey Beach,

Please mark your calendars for Friday, March 9th for a very special evening in Dewey Beach.  In commemoration of the Storm of '62, the Town will host a reception and a screening of the documentary film, Delaware's '62 Storm -- A Shared Response.  Below is an invitation from Mayor Diane Hanson to attend this special event:

To Property owners and Residents of Dewey Beach,
No storm in our area has ever caused the loss of life and destruction as the Storm of ’62. It hit with little warning and lasted through five high tides. Never before had Mother Nature’s fury unleashed such powerful winds, generating waves as high as 20-40 feet! Our town was completely under water. Sand was pushed onto roads and in and around homes; in some cases the sand deposits were 3-4 feet high. Homes, businesses and public property were demolished. Damages were estimated to exceed $70 million in the State of Delaware alone.
March 6-8, 2012, is the 50th anniversary of the Storm '62.  In Dewey Beach, the commissioners plan to  commemorate this historic event with a showing of a documentary film with Barbara Dougherty, our town historian, as speaker.  It will be held on the Friday evening before our next town meeting in March.
It would be especially helpful if other town residents/property owners who remember the storm and its aftermath could attend to share their experiences and memories of this event.
Property owners and residents of Dewey Beach are invited to attend:
When: Friday, March 9th, 2012, 7:30 p.m.
Where:  Dewey  Beach Life Saving Station

·         Opening Comments and Introductions
·         Showing of the film, Delaware’s ‘62 Storm- A Shared Response (Michael Oates, Anew, Inc.)
·         Comments by Barbara Dougherty, our town historian, and others who remember the storm
·         Discussion of what would happen today if a similar storm struck the town
·         How we can best protect ourselves and our property and cope with the circumstances

Reception following with light hors d'oeuvres and refreshments
Please RSVP directly to me via email or phone so that we know how many to plan for. And if you witnessed this event and would like to share your experiences, please let me know.

We hope to see you on Friday, March 9th for this special event.
Diane Hanson
Town of Dewey Beach
610 322 8527  (Cell)

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