Patrick Gossett Appointed Commissioner in Rehoboth

Mayor taps Gossett for Rehoboth seat

Commissioners to vote on nomination Jan. 20

By Ryan Mavity

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A familiar face is expected to retake a seat as Rehoboth Beach commissioner.

At the commissioners’ 7 p.m., Friday, Jan. 20 meeting, Mayor Sam Cooper will rec­ommend former Commissioner Patrick Gossett to fill the seat vacated when Kathy McGuiness resigned.

Gossett will assume the seat if approved by a majority of commissioners.

Cooper said he is recommending Gos­sett primarily because of his experience. Gossett served as city commissioner for three years; he has also served two sepa­rate terms as a planning commissioner. Cooper said he has always found Gossett to be level-headed with the right tempera­ment to be commissioner.

“He would be a real asset to the commis­sioners,” Cooper said.

Gossett, 57, said he was surprised but honored when he got the call from Cooper asking him to fill the remaining six months of McGuiness’ term. Gossett said he was

excited to get the call; with his prior experience, he said he can hit the ground running should he be approved by a majority of commissioners. Gossett first served as commissioner from 2004 to 2007, but lost his bid for re-election when Stan Mills and Pat Coluzzi were elected to the board. After taking a year away from the Rehoboth political scene, Gossett returned and in 2008 was reap­pointed to the planning com­mission to fill the remainder of Joanne Hess’ term. He was most recently reappointed to the planning commission in 2011. Cooper said he has not de­cided on who would replace Gossett on the planning commis­sion should Gossett be approved as city commissioner. While his second turn as commissioner is still up in the air, Gossett said if he is appointed, he would not rule out running for a full term in August.

“We’ll take it one step at a time. It is a rewarding job. We’ll see how it goes, but never say never,” he said.

Gossett appointed in Rehoboth

By Ryan Mavity | Jan 26, 2012
Photo by: Ryan Mavity

Rehoboth Beach — The Rehoboth Beach commissioners unanimously approved Patrick Gossett as the newest member of the board.

Gossett, left, took the oath of office administered by Alderman’s Court Judge Judy Catterton, while Gossett’s partner, Howard Menaker, held the Bible.

Gossett will fill the remaining six months of Kathy McGuiness' term. McGuiness resigned earlier this month because she was unable to attend meetings.

Gossett took the same seat at the table that he occupied during his previous term as commissioner, from 2004 to 2007. Gossett has served as a member of the planning commission since 2008.

Those in attendance were amused when Commissioner Mark Hunker, who was elected in August, joked with Gossett about it taking awhile to get his own nameplate. Immediately after Hunker made that comment, city secretary Ann Womack flipped up a plate with Gossett’s name on it - the one he used as a planning commissioner.