Vote scheduled on ocean outfall

Rehoboth to vote on outfall alignment

Rehoboth Beach Mayor Sam Cooper announced at the com­missioners’ Jan. 9 meeting that engineer Rip Copithorn of Stearns and Wheler/GHD would give a presentation at the com­missioners’ Friday, Jan. 20 meet­ing on the force main alignment of the city’s ocean outfall.

The force main is the pipe that would take treated wastewater from the city’s wastewater treat­ment plant to the outfall 6,000 feet into the ocean. Cooper said the best route has been to take the pipe down State Road across Rehoboth Avenue to Henlopen Avenue and from there leading out into the ocean. He said Cop­ithorn would take questions on the alignment with a vote by the commissioners to follow.

In addition, the city has hand­ed in its draft environmental im­pact statement to the Depart­ment of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Cooper said. A public hearing will be held on the statement, which was required of the city to receive state funding for the outfall.

The targeted hearing date on the statement was scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 18, but Cooper said the state wanted 30 days to review it. He said the city wanted to make the statement available to the public two weeks before a hearing. A formal hearing date has not been announced yet.