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Rehoboth Neighbors United has a website:

Please go to the site to read why it is so very important to vote "FOR" the ordinance on Novemeber 7 and check in daily for updates.

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Questions about registering to vote or absentee ballots? Please ...


How to Vote "FOR" the New Ordinance

How to vote FOR the New Zoning Ordinance
in the Rehoboth Beach Special Election on November 7th

VOTING IS EASY IN REHOBOTH BEACH - If you are registered, just vote in person at City Hall on election day or by absentee ballot (see below for absentee ballots). But you must be REGISTERED to vote.

IF YOU ARE NOT SURE IF YOU ARE REGISTERED, call the election clerk at (302) 227-4641   (If you were once ...


Rehoboth Neighbors United -- Press Release

Homes, Not Hotels
September 19, 2015
For Immediate Release

New Citizens' Group Supports Zoning Ordinance
With the certification of sufficient signatures to call for a referendum on the recently enacted
zoning ordinance, a special election has been set for November 7, 2015 for residents and
property owners in Rehoboth Beach.  Voters will be asked to vote FOR or AGAINST the
ordinance as passed.
A new coalition of individuals and organizations in the city, called Rehoboth Neighbors United,
has been formed specifically to support the ordinance and encourage citizens to vote FOR it.
"We look forward to ...